Tips For Preparing Your Weekend Trip To Rome

If you are given a weekend to enjoy Rome, how would you plan your trip? Before we try to answer such query, let us first take a look at some interesting information about Rome that you should not miss when planning to visit this eternal city.

While having a trip to Rome is exciting, thinking of how you can maximize your stay and adventure is one of the things that you may want to consider. If you are planning to visit Rome in a weekend, and you want to make your Rome adventure worth remembering, you may need to have your trip properly planned ahead of time.

Did you know that? The Do’s and Don’ts when visiting to Rome

  • Don’t just buy ice cream in street without asking for the price. You may find it surprising if the vendor will charge you a much higher price than buying an ice cream at the nearby store.
  • Don’t ride in a taxi asking for a fixed rate especially when travelling from and to the airport. Fixed rate taxis may charge you twice more than the fare you will have to pay with metered taxis. Instead, go for a taxi with an official label. Generally, marked taxis are those painted with white.
  • Don’t have your bills changed in money changers along the streets. In case you encounter people in the street offering you a good exchange rate, keep going and never mind them. They are likely to cut off as much as 10% commission.
  • Do bring with you always a bottle of water that is enough to quench your thirst and replenish lost fluids from your body when you are touring around Rome. Buying water from the streets or even from a nearby store can break your pocket. Bottled water sold in the streets and stores is relatively highly priced.
  • Do bring with you a scarf when visiting churches in Rome. The scarf or shawl will be used to cover up parts of the bodies like the shoulder, midsection and knees.

Planning to visit Rome

You may wonder why you have to iron out specific plans before visiting Rome. Well, there are lots of things you need to consider when you are planning to have a tour. Among the reasons why you need to plan your visit to Rome are:

  • Rome is such a huge city and is definitely not a compact city as well. If you tour around Rome unplanned, you may end up being exhausted and unsatisfied with the trip you just had.
  • Rome offers a lot of tourist attractions. Without proper planning, you may just end up wasting your time, effort and money visiting Rome. Or perhaps you may not enjoy much about your stay in Rome.
  • You can find a large number of hotels and accommodations in Rome. Some of which can be found along the major attractions while others are located near the center of Rome and others can be found anywhere around Rome. To save your valuable time, plan ahead of time where you intend to stay while you are in Rome.
  • Rome is flooded with tourists all year round. This would obviously mean that there is no low season in Rome.

Planning your Rome activities will help you save more money and energy. It will likewise help you get rid of being stack in the middle of very long lines. Also, you need to know about the climate and the clothing to be used when you are in Rome. Getting more information about the transportation services and hotels available in Rome is likewise equally important to avoid mess ups.

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